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True change takes place in the imagination

Pandhal welcomes your guests creating a majestic ambiance, be it an elaborate wedding or a simple quiet one we specialize in customized concept or theme designs creating distinctive porch.

Wedding Decorators and Event Planning

Every occasion becomes a memorable one based on its ambience, colours, the lighted atmosphere and its decor. These special effects make every event or occasion special in its own way. From planning the event, be it a wedding or a reception to its interior decors, Sarva Wedding Planners do their best to make it a lifetime remembrance. They provide the most unique and fashionable wedding decors in the way you want it to be. Customizing is one of the key features that involve a great ambience. From doing a decorative Pandhal all to the way to doing stage decors, professional help and state-of-the-art help is provided. It is very important to take note of the way people are addressed into the event or occasion. The Pandhal is an important aspect, as that is where the first impression of the glorious event captures the scene. Hall decorations come next, as that is where beautiful moments are created. With beautiful, eye-catching lights and decors crafted with love and simplicity.

Wedding Hall and Backdrop Decorations are also an important part of an occasion to make it entirely perfect. The ambience and the scenic beauty of the stage is completely based on the decors and the backdrops used. Using aesthetic and customizable backdrops and stage decors immensely increases the vibes of the joyous occasion. With the help of professional trained decorators and artists, the stage would be the perfect visage for the event/occasion. Backdrops provide the feel of the moment and lay out the memorable occasion at its best, there making it one of the long-lasting memories in the hearts and minds of the families and those who take part in the occasion.

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